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Measuring and testing technology made in Ländle! Measuring devices developed with the future in mind

Made in Germany is not just a label, but a promise of quality. Our appliances are manufactured with the precision and care of German engineering to meet the highest standards. Trust in the reliability and durability that only a product made in Germany can offer.

EPA Gatekeeper is an ESD personnel tester that not only exceeds expectations, but also represents an investment in the future of your safe ESD protection zone.

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The self-explanatory ESD tester ESD personal testing has never been so easy

Our innovative system sets standards in terms of technology and ease of use to offer you an unparalleled experience in ESD personnel testing.

No more tedious paperwork - ESD testing in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1
Our advanced device digitizes and modernizes the ESD test. Our innovative system revolutionizes the way you perform ESD personal testing and takes your work processes to a new, more efficient level.

EPA Gatekeeper enables you to digitally record and manage the entire inspection process.

The firmware What's inside the device
  • No additional server or client software
  • Self-networking ability,Up to 64 devices independently form a network
  • Hands-free mode possible
  • The measurements are documented in the device
  • Adjustable validity for the ESD test
  • Network functionality with up to 64 devices
  • Synchronization with external databases / MQTT client
  • Integrated web server
  • Self-explanatory user interface with pictograms
  • Independent monitoring of the calibration date in the device
  • Language selection (German/English/French) on the start screen
  • Query of the last ESD training course can be set
  • Encrypted communication in the network
  • AddOns to extend the range of functions

Impressive what an ESD measuring device can do High-quality design combined with the latest technology
  • Optical signaling through the halo light effect
  • High-quality stainless steel touch surfaces
  • Connections made of solid stainless steel
  • Capacitive 7" touchscreen
  • Glass front
  • Intelligent proximity sensor
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Integrated card reader
  • Relay output for access control
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) compatible
  • USB port for HID-compatible devices (e.g. barcode reader)

An ESD tester that is worth seeing The design

A masterpiece of engineering, manufactured in Germany, our ESD tester sets standards in terms of precision, reliability and durability.

The high-quality design of our ESD tester is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functionally well thought out. Every detail has been carefully designed to not only make it easy to use, but also to ensure a robust structure. The EPA Gatekeeper is not just a tester, but a statement of quality and excellence.

The proximity sensor automatically wakes up the device when a user approaches. If no further measurements are taken, the device switches back to stand-by mode. The stand-by mode saves energy and at the same time ensures a long service life for the display. Due to the great influence of temperature and humidity on the
ESD measurement, these parameters are also monitored by the built-in sensors and archived in the measurement data for each measurement.

Plug and Play No additional server or client software

The EPA Gatekeeper has been designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution without the need for additional servers or client software, which means: no hidden costs, no complex installations. The freedom offered by our ESD personnel screening device lies not only in its technological superiority, but also in its ease of use.

Without the need for additional servers or client software, you experience effortless commissioning - simply plug in and start your ESD personal checks - just like plug and play - without tedious configurations. Say goodbye to hidden fees and license costs. With our ESD personnel tester, you have a transparent and future-proof investment.

Intelligent ESD personal testing equipment Network functionality

The EPA Gatekeeper enables network operation without additional server software. Up to 64 devices independently form a network and synchronize their data with each other. The self-networking capabilities of our ESD personal inspection devices enable them to connect seamlessly with each other and form an intelligent network. This smart network not only offers effortless integration into your existing infrastructure, but also increased flexibility when carrying out ESD personnel testing. Manage multiple test devices from a central point and maintain full control of your test environment.

IT updates at the customer's premises therefore have no effect on the functions and operation of EPA Gatekeeper.

Ergonomic operation Easy ESD verification of the wrist strap

The modern design of our ESD personal tester is characterized by clear lines, an elegant surface and well thought-out ergonomics. The front of the device is equipped with high-quality stainless steel touch surfaces on both sides. The arrangement of the touch surfaces enables ergonomic operation for left and right-handed users. The measurement is started by touching one of the two stainless steel touch surfaces. The solid stainless steel connections on the front of the device allow the wrist strap to be checked in accordance with current standards. All three connections are equally connected to each other. This also ensures a long service life, especially for ESD measuring and testing devices in daily use.

Go for quality, go for durability, go for style. With our ESD personal tester, you not only get a reliable tester in your home, but also an aesthetic statement that meets your professional requirements.

Chic, elegant and functional at the same time - EPA Gatekeeper.

ESD documentation made easy The card reader

Our integrated multifunction card reader reads all common methods with maximum precision and speed. This allows customers to use existing RFID chips/cards, which means that the identification of the people being checked is effortless and efficient, significantly speeding up the checking process.

The RFID reader always reads the UID as the primary ordinal number. Adaptations for reading other ordinal numbers are possible on request.

The special feature of the EPA Gatekeeper is the flexibility of the integrated card reader. Even on small models, this can be upgraded at any time to ensure that your device can keep pace with the growing needs of your business. This additional service gives you the freedom to expand the functionality of your device as required.

Successful ESD measurement Signalized by halo light effect

Experience the innovation of visual feedback in ESD personnel testing with the EPA Gatekeeper!

The device exclusively features the unique HALO light effect. This innovative light indicator sets new standards by providing a clear and intuitive signal for successful or poor measurements at a glance - a function that only our device has. When measurements are successful, the HALO lights up in a reassuring shade of green, while when measurements are poor, a striking red light indicates that access to the ESD protection zone is not possible.

The integration of the HALO light effect is not only a technological masterpiece, but also a visual statement of quality and innovation. This unique feature sets the EPA Gatekeeper apart from other testing devices and offers you an unparalleled level of control and safety.

AddOn Expand the scope of your device

What makes our ESD personal tester truly outstanding are our available add-ons, with which you caninvest not just in a product, but in a long-term solution for your ESD requirements.

Our add-ons are software components that extend the functionality of your EPA gatekeeper. Installing one of our add-ons allows you to customize or improve the basic functionality of the ESD tester according to your individual needs.

An add-on can be purchased directly with an EPA gatekeeper, but can also be purchased at any time afterwards. This allows you to improve the performance of your devices and adapt them to specific requirements.

Efficient work The web server

The web server of our ESD personal verification device opens the door to a world of administrative freedom. Administrative settings, such as uploading a user database or creating a network share for data storage, can be easily configured here to adapt the device's functions to your company's individual requirements. The web server offers you a central interface for comprehensive control.

A particular highlight is the function for viewing the measurement history. With the help of web access, you can easily and conveniently access a detailed overview of all ESD measurements performed.

The web server user interface has been specially developed for the EPA Gatekeeper. With just a few clicks, you can navigate through the web interface or through the comprehensive measurement history, saving you time and giving you complete control over the daily ESD tests.The complete settings and configurations of your device can be easily uploaded and downloaded, making customization to your specific requirements more convenient than ever before.

ESD testing that anyone can do The user interface

A brilliant7"Touch display makes operation easier than ever before. With just a few taps, you have full control over the testing process.

The intuitive user interface makes operation child's play - ESD personnel testing has never been so accessible! Thanks to the self-explanatory functions of our device, handling is child's play and pictograms guide you through the entire testing process.

With our video explanation, we focus on maximum transparency and user-friendliness. The EPA Gatekeeper shows you how the measurement works on the device and how easy it is to carry out the daily ESD test.

By using video and pictogram explanations of the ESD measurement, there are no language barriers between the individual users, so visitors and employees from other countries also know immediately what to do.

Highlights Made in Germany

Say goodbye to conventional testing methods and experience the benefits offered by our innovative MQTT integration.

Our ESD personnel tester, which supports MQTT, enables seamless and efficient communication between different devices. By integrating the MQTT protocol, the transfer of test results and status information becomes a smooth and reliable process, regardless of the distance or number of connected devices. Monitor the status of your ESD personal checks in real time. You can purchase the "LiveData Feature" add-on when you buy the ESD personal tester or at any time afterwards.

Make your ESD management more efficient than ever before.

Everything you need for ESD personal testing The scope of delivery

The high-quality scope of delivery of the EPA Gatekeeper rounds off the overall package.

The footwear electrode is an essential accessory for precise ESD personal testing. Manufactured from high-quality materials in an ergonomic shape, the footwear electrode is an indispensable companion for demanding environments.The brushed stainless steel contact surfaces are flush-mounted in the shoe electrode. There are three cable ducts on the back of the electrode (left, center, right) for adapted cable routing.

The aesthetic housing of the EPA Gatekeeper offers all the prerequisites for modern operation by the user. Users can decide for themselves whether they want to use the device as a desktop or wall-mounted unit. This ensures ergonomically suitable operation.

The models


EPA Gatekeeper® compact

  • The basic version for digital documentation as a stand-alone device
  • Authentication takes place via a list on the touch display
  • The measured values are stored locally
  • The measurement results can be exported by means of the USB host interface
  • Integrated sensors for proximity, temperature and humidity
  • Equipped with the unique "halo light" effect
  • Relay output for door opener and access control
  • Hands-free mode possible

EPA Gatekeeper® compact+

  • The compact+ has an integrated card reader
  • The card reader is used to authenticate the user via employee badges
  • The built-in card reader reads all common formats
  • Integrated sensors for proximity, temperature and humidity
  • Equipped with the unique "halo light" effect
  • Features a USB host interface
  • Relay output for door opener and access control
  • Hands-free mode possible

EPA Gatekeeper® net

  • The net has a LAN interface
  • The LAN interface is used for automatic communication of the devices in a network
  • Employees are authenticated via a list on the touch display
  • Integrated sensors for proximity, temperature and humidity
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) compatible
  • Equipped with the unique "halo light" effect
  • Features a USB host interface
  • Relay output for door opener and access control
  • Hands-free mode possible
  • Configurable via the web browser

EPA Gatekeeper® net+

  • The net+/LiveData has a LAN interface and an integrated card reader
  • The LAN interface is used for automatic communication of the devices in a network
  • The card reader is used to authenticate the user via employee badges, the card reader reads all common formats
  • Integrated sensors for proximity, temperature and humidity
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) compatible
  • Is equipped with the unique "halo light" effect
  • Features a USB host interface
  • Relay output for door opener and access control
  • Hands-free mode possible
  • Configurable via the web browser
The calibrator for all EPA GATEKEEPER® models

In the world of precision, calibration is the key to reliability and accuracy. Our ESD personal tester achieves top performance not only through innovative technology, but also through regular calibration.

The EPA Gatekeeper Calibrator - For easy calibration of the EPA Gatekeeper in all models

The device adheres to the touch plate of the personal tester via magnets. Only one device is required to calibrate the resistance measurement and the measurement voltage. The calibration process can be carried out without having to reconnect the test leads. The calibrator enables automatic calibration for all measurement voltage ranges. The EPA Gatekeeper guides you through the calibration process.


For a comprehensive and professional solution. Our accessories have been specially developed to optimize the performance of your device while meeting the highest quality standards.

Our stand for flexible positioning of the EPA Gatekeeper in your production area not only provides a stable base for your ESD personal inspection device, but also sets visual accents. Made of powder-coated steel, it combines robustness with elegance. The base stands on a cast iron base plate, which not only provides additional stability, but also makes a statement about durability and quality.

The cables run through the post to the footwear electrode.enables cables to be laid neatly and professionally.To prevent the footwear electrode from becoming a tripping hazard, we offer the floor mats with an all-round bevelled edge. The ESD floor mats are made of high-quality polyurethane and Made in Germany.

Our EPO Gatekeeper Tags can be used for authentication at the EPO Gatekeeper.

The applications

The EPA Gatekeeper is used to measure the personal leakage resistance of wrist and shoe grounding systems.

The ESD personnel screening device can be seamlessly integrated into existing access control systems or purchased with a high-quality and durable interlock system selected from our range.In conjunction with an access control system, the device can ensure that only people with a successful ESD test are granted access to the EPA. This increases safety and compliance, as access to sensitive areas is only granted to people who can provide proof of a successful ESD measurement on the device.

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