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User database
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RFID Reader

Is it possible to supply power to the gatekeeper using Poe?

Yes, but you must make sure that there is no simultaneous power supply to the device, this means do not operate the PoE and power pack on the device at the same time. Special settings on the device do not have to be made for this, the EPA Gatekeeper automatically uses the connected voltage source.


How do I calibrate the gatekeeper?

You need the EPA Gatekeeper Calibrator for the calibration. For the calibration, please open the calibration menu in the administration area of the EPA Gatekeeper. Here the device guides you through the calibration process systematically. The Calibration is saved on the device.

The device displays an error message. 

In the system Manual on page 38 you will find the most important error Messages with information on the cause and remedy.



The upload of the user database onto the device is not possible

Please check whether the file was created in the correct format (separator-separated CSV file with semicolon) and without spaces. The CSV.user file included in the scope of delivery serves as an example. Have all required fields of the CSV. File filled in, this means first name, surname, UID, hand, shoes and emergency flag. The remaining fields personnel number and also ESD training date can remain empty. Is the file name correct? The file name must be “users.csv” and, in the case of an import using a USB stick, be saved in a subdirectory with the name “users”. Check the formatting of the USB Stick. Format the USB stick to the FAT 32 file system. In case of an incorrect transfer of the user database via USB, you should try another USB stick as an alternative.In case of an incorrect transfer of the user database via web browser, please check your network settings and optionally use a different web browser.


Determination of the scope of measurement for each employee

To do this, you have to set either a 1 or a 0 for each employee in the Hand and Shoes fields in the CSV user file.
1 = measurement Required
0 = measurement not Required


The gatekeeper does not request a wrist strap measurement even though it is required with the respective employee.

Please ensure that the EPA Gatekeeper is running in touch measurement mode, it is not possible to test wrist straps in hands free measurement mode, as the measuring circle changes in this mode and only a series of measurements from foot to foot is carried out.


Determination of the scope of measurement for the visitor and diagnostic mode

In addition to regular users, a “Visitor” and a “Diagnosis” user are created in the user database. In both cases, test range can be defined, here you can set either a 1 or a 0 in the hand and shoes fields. If no range is defined, maximum test range, (wrist and shoes) will apply.


Can you grant access without an ESD test?

Yes, the field emergency flag in the user file is used for this case; either a 1 or 0 can be set here as well. If a 1 is set for an employee, all other settings of this user are ignored.


How is the validity of the ESD training monitored at the EPA gatekeeper?

For this purpose, enter a date of the last ESD training in the ESD training date field in the user database, the following formats are accepted:
EN: 03-30-20 or 03-30-2020 or 3-30-20 or 3-30-2020
After that, activate the function “restrict access to EPA trained user” on the individual terminals and specify the validity of the training with the slider to a period of 6 to 24 months.
4 weeks before an ESD training date expires, the EPA gatekeeper will give a notification, after the validity has expired, access will be denied.


How to set terminal specific access rights

Despite using a common user database, each terminal may have its own table of access rights, granting access to individual users and denying access to others. The user database contains additional columns that read "Access <Terminal Name>" (example: Access Terminal 1, Access Terminal 2, ...). A separate column must be used for each terminal. The order of the columns does not matter, but a maximum of 64 terminals is possible. If a user is to be granted access, there is a "1" in his line; if access is denied, there is a "0". If a terminal is not listed, basically all employees have access here.

Is it possible to check wrist straps in measurement mode without touching (hands free)?

No, because the measuring circuit on the device switches to a series measurement from foot to foot, in which case only a total resistance of both shoes is measured in series. If individual employees have to perform a wrist strap test, the device must run in touch measurement mode. A parallel measurement takes place here, this means individual measurement of wrist strap, left shoe and right shoe.


Is it possible to operate the EPA gatekeeper without authentication?

Yes, for this deactivate the setting authentication in the administration area, after which the device requests a Restart.

The device has not adopted the settings

After changing the device settings, make sure that the menu is always left or confirmed in the lower right corner with the green tick.


Forgot passwords

Please send in the device for recovery

Incorrect data synchronization of the devices in the network, no data synchronization possible.

Carry out a data synchronization on all devices, see system manual page 26/27. Activate all necessary ports in the network, see system manual page 21.


The Data storage on the FTP server is not possible

 Make sure that an FTP server is available (not FTPS or SFTP). Please check whether the address of the FTP server has been specified as FQHN (Full Qualified Host Name), see system manual page 26.
Please ensure that the FTP server is protected by a user name and password and that this is correctly specified in the device's network share.
Activate all necessary ports in the network, see system manual page 21.

E004 "unknown user" after reading in a known RFID chip

Please check the UID displayed on the gatekeeper and compare it with the UID in the user database. Multiple tags with different UIDs are often used in RFID chips. If this is the case, either train the employee on the device several times (using the different UIDs) or the card reader respectively the device must be sent in for adjustment. In this case, we will switch off unwanted reading processes.


The EPA gatekeeper does not read the requested card number

In the standard, the RFID reader reads out the UID as an ordinal number, as this is the ordinal number firmly attached on the chip. If you desire to read out other ordinal numbers of the card, we must adapt the reader. We will be happy to provide you more information on the reading processes supported by the EPA gatekeeper card reader.

The proximity sensor of the device is not responding

Please check the installation situation, install the EPA gatekeeper correctly as described in the system manual and installation instruction (wall or table mounting). We recommend a mounting height of about 130 cm to the lower edge of the device. Please make sure that the shoe electrode is at the correct distance in front of the device. The user should stand at a distance of approx. 40-50 cm in front of the device during the measurement.

Our specially made demo kits allow a detailed presentation by the sales force.

We are looking forward to your contact


Our specially made demo kits allow a detailed presentation by the sales force.

Due to current events, we also offer a presentation of the EPA Gatekeeper via an ONLINE DEMO.

We are looking forward to your contact